The Watchtower Organisation have brought out a publication which is handed out in the streets by Jehovah's Witnesses around the world today. The publication is titled "What does the Bible really teach?"

According to their understanding, this 'Bible study tool' is designed to help you learn what the Bible says on various topics, however the book is full of corruption and deception...

After reading their publication, I made time to create a video series on YouTube titled "What does the bible really really say" to explain the errors of their book (You can also access the series here on this website).  Each video has been carefully documented, and created as a full book titled "The truth is in Jesus" which you can publish on Amazon, or download as a FREE digital copy from this website below...

Feel free to download the study notes, free e-books and help guides on this website, which reprove the Watchtowers teachings.  If you prefer to watch the videos and take your own notes, feel free to do so.  If you are an ex-JW or know someone who is a JW, and would like to watch/listen to a subject that is not already covered in my topic lists to date, in order to provide assistance in their understanding, please feel free to contact me with the suggestion.

Other Resources :

Please feel free to download the electronic version or purchase the hardback versions of these two helpful books from within this ministry, explaining who the Lord Jesus really is, and a book explaining what the Bible teaches from rightly dividing the word of truth.


Purchase Hardback "The Truth is in Jesus" Book Here


Download FREE DIGITAL "The truth is in Jesus" Book here

Purchase Hardback "Who really is Jesus?" Book here

Download FREE DIGITAL "Who really is Jesus?" Book here



General Gospel tract (Free Gift):


Please feel free to download the gospel tract below and print out to use for your own church / personal ministry.  I have left the back of the card blank at the bottom to add your own details by way of a stamp / sticker.






Gospel Tract for Jehovah's Witnesses :


Please feel free to download the Gospel Tract below, and share with Jehovah's Witnesses.